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Kit Grindstaff

The short story

I'm Kit, I'm English, and I live in Pennsylvania, U.S.A., with my husband. I've written songs for a living for most of my adult life, and made some records along the way. I wrote my first book when I was 9. It was bad. The Flame in the Mist is a lot better.

The longer story

I was born near London and grew up in the beautiful English countryside of Surrey. At age 11, I went to boarding school in Devon. The school encouraged creativity, and my love of Artistic Things thrived. Most of my spare time was spent in the art room, or singing and teaching myself to play the guitar. I was always singing and playing in some band or other—folk, rock, pop—and began writing songs when I was 17.

From as early on as I can remember, I loved to read and make up stories. I wrote my first "book" when I was 9. I still have it...but I'm not telling where. Despite early fiction efforts (not very promising), and a later attempt at a rhyming picture book with my artist sister (more promising, but still languishing in a closet), I put it aside when my writing was waylaid by another great love: music.

After university in the freezing north of England, I moved to London. Music became my profession, first singing in bars, then as a pop performer and song writer. Eventually I moved to New York to pursue my music career "for a year," but soon met a handsome bass-playing carpenter. We married. I stayed.

Before long, the idea of writing fiction for children began gnawing at me again. I found new inspiration through authors like Philip Pullman (loved Lyra Belacqua!), Natalie Babbitt (loved Winnie!), and Roald Dahl (loved Matilda!) and began to write...and write...and write...

I now live with my husband in Pennsylvania, and still write songs, as well as books. If you'd like to know more about my music career, check it out here. You'll find plenty of info, photos, and songs to listen to as well!

Here's my fiction writing space, where stories find their way to my laptop.

Kit's Writing Space

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